Metso-supplied world’s largest biomass gasification plant inaugurated in Finland

Vaskiluodon Voima Oy has inaugurated the world’s largest biomass gasification plant, which was supplied by Metso, in Vaasa, Finland. The plant was i

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Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd has made an co-operation agreement with Bioenergy 2013 Conferences

Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd has made an co-operation agreement with Bioenergy 2013 Conferences. Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd is a development company

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METSO Power sponsor of Bioenergy 2013 conference

METSO Power  has made agreement to be sponsor of the  Bioenergy 2013 conference.Metsos  technological expertis

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Metso to supply biomass-fired heating plant for district heat production to Savon Voima in Finland

Metso’s biomass-fired heating plant delivery will increase the production of green energy in line with Savon Voima’s strategy  Metso will s

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There will be one tour on 18.9.2014.

Industry Tour

Tour starts 9.00 from Marina Congress Center and will return via Airport to Marina Congress Center by 16.30.

New bio-power plant Tolkkinen at Porvoo

Power plant generates electricity and distict heat. The plant's electrical capacity is 12 MW and district heat capacity 36 MW. Porvoon Energia will produce 90 % of it’s district heat with wood.

Once Energy Chain Administration System by Protacon

At yard Protacon will demonstrate it’s energy chain administration system Once witch improves the increasingly environmentally friendly energy production of the plants by offering energy and emission reports as well as their easy forwarding to the authorities. The system helps to follow both the carbon footprint and the fuel tracking.

Uniform real-time information boosts all the energy chain operations and brings remarkable savings. Data handling labor costs drop, time optimization improves and delivery reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout the whole chain increase.

Once suits perfectly the needs of the small local as well as big power and heat plants. The system is easily connected to the existing and new equipments.

PAS Fuel Administration System that Protacon has developed for power plants can be regarded as Once System’s predecessor.

In year 2012:
- Fuel for over 200 plants and factories, size between 1-390 MW
- 250 000 truck loads and over 20 TWh energy (including bio, peat, coal, waste, by-products)
- Over 20 000 fuel and other side product storages
was managed by Once.

Hakevuori energywood terminal

Hakevuori is a company for production, handling and delivery of energywood since 2007. The company has its own 4 hectar big terminal. The energywood production is done with 6 chippers and 2 lorries.

The Giant mobile chipper by LHM Chipper LTd.

Chipping demonstration at Hakevuori energywood terminal.

The Giant design goals are clear:

– the ”highest possible chipping capacity.”

– the ”highest quality of woodchips.”

Almost all clean wood materials are suitable for chipping. The Giant is especially well suited for chipping unprocessed and baled logging residues. Other raw materials include full trees, trimmed stalks, decayed tree parts as well as residues from the sawing industry and other by-products from the mechanical wood processing industry.