Metso to supply biomass power plant to Bioenergeticheskaya Kompaniya in Russia

Plant will enable utilization of sawmill residue for sustainable heat and power production Metso will supply Bioenergeticheskaya Kompaniya LLC w

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8:40 Fuel Production

Overwiev of forest fuel production and technology
Maria Iwarsson Wide, Skogforsk, Sweden


The Productivity and Economy of Fixteri Bailing Technology
Senior Consultant Esa Sipilä, Pöyry Management Consulting Ltd., Finland

The Productivity and Economy of The LHM Giant Mobile Drum Chipper
CEO Tommi Lahti, LHM Chippers Ltd., Finland

Harvest of Wood Chips from Short Rotation Coppice with a Novel Mower-chipper: Field Performance of the Harvester and Storage Behaviour of the Produced Coarse Chips
Ralf Pecenka, Detlef Ehlert, Hannes Lenz, Christine Idler, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB), Germany




Intensive Stump Harvesting and Water Quality
Eero Kubin and Tanja Murto, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland

The PowerBox Project: 3-years of investigation in the staged floating-fixed-bed gasification concept – results and outlook
Huber M.B.& Huemer M, MCI – University of Applied Science for Environmental-, Process- and Energy Engineering, Austria, Hofmann A, MCI – University of Applied Science for Environmental-, Process- and Energy Engineering & Technical University of Vienna, Hofbauer H, Technical University of Vienna, Kreutner G., T, SynCraft Engineering, Schwaz, Berger H., Thöni Industriebetriebe, Telfs, Mainusch H., Stadtwerke Schwaz, .Herdin G, PGES, Jenbach, Austria; & Bioenergy 2020+, Austria
10:45 The Productivity of Scots Pine StumpHarvesting in South-Ostrobothnia Region
Ismo Makkonen, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, School of Food and Agriculture, Finland

Status and prospects of small scale gasifiers for power and heat applications - review
Ilkka Hiltunen & Esa Kurkela, VTT, Finland & Harrie Knoef, BTG, The Netherlands

11:05 Biomass Supply Logistics via Terminals for Large-Scale Biomass Users
Tapio Ranta, Olli-Jussi Korpinen, Eero Jäppinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology & Matti Virkkunen, VTT, Finland

Biomass CFB Gasification for Lime Kiln Application in the Pulp & Paper Industry
Jean Taillon, Veli‐Matti Pietarinen, Carbona Inc., Finland

11:25 Simulation and Modeling of Wood Chip Container Logistics at Forest Landings
Anders Eriksson and Raida Jirjis, Dep. of Energy and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Science & Lars Eliasson, Skogforsk (The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden), Sweden
Advanced Biomass Gasification
Timo Honkola and Tero Joronen, Valmet Ltd. & Matti Tiilikka, EPV Ltd., Finland
Large scale Biofuel Supply Possibilities to Helsinki – Feedstock Availability and Logistics
Eero Jäppinen, Olli-Jussi Korpinen, Tapio Ranta, Lappeenranta University of Technology & Rauhamäki, Janne, Helsingin Energia, Finland

Improved Process Soncepts for Cost-effective Production of Syngas from Biomass
Esa Kurkela, Ilkka Hannula, Ilkka Hiltunen & Minna Kurkela, VTT, Finland




Postersession topics 2 and 5


Feedstock Characteristics

Biomass resources and quality requirements for torrefaction – SECTOR project
Eija Alakangas and Martti Flyktman, VTT, Finland & Javier Lemus and David Sanchez Gonzalez, CENER, Spain & Robin Zwart, ECN, The Netherlands & Philipp Adler, DBFZ, Germany & Wolfgang Stelte, DTI, Denmark & Linda Pommer, UmU, Sweden & Susan Weatherstone, EON & Kirstoffer Kollberg, Vattenfall, Sweden

Product Characteristics for Forest Fuels - for Efficient Measurement, Prediction and Feedback
Maria Iwarsson Wide, Skogforsk, Sweden

A versatile distribution system for pellets by means of interconnecting barrels which can be stacked one on top of another
Angel Martin Garcia, Spain

A review of Main Feedstocks and Technologies for Production of Jet Bio-Fuels Worldwide, with Analysis of Economics, Logistics, Technical Issues and Feasibility
Dr. Hazir Farouk Abdelraheem, Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Engineering, Khartoum, Sudan & Dr.Mohammed Elhadi Elsayed, Dept of Aeronautics, College of Engineering, Karary University, Khartoum, Sudan. & Andrew Lang, World Bioenergy Association, Australia

l Biomass Combustion and Power
Catalytic Effect of Potassium on Torrefaction
Tooran Khazraie Shoulaifar, Nikolai DeMartini and Mikko Hupa, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Replacing Coal with Biomass Fuels in CHP in Finland
Janne Kärki, VTT, Finland

Torrefied Pellet Production – Comparison of some Forestry Industry Integration Opportunities to Stand-Alone Plants
Vesa Arpiainen and Carl Wilen, VTT & Esa Sipilä, Pöyry Management Consulting Ltd, Finland

Experimental and Scientific Results on Wood Powder Combustion
Tero Joronen and Henri Jääskeläinen, Valmet Ltd., Finland

Comparison of torrefied and wood pellet storage behaviour
Kirsi Korpijärvi, Eija Alakangas, Raili Taipale and Heikki Kaipainen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

Bio-CCS: Feasibility Comparison and Economic Potential of Large Scale Carbonnegative Solution
Antti Arasto, Eemeli Tsupari, Janne Kärki and Kristin Onarheim, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland



16:00 Closing Session

How did bioenergy achieve its major role in Sweden and Finland?
Vice-President Satu Helynen, VTT


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